Crossdressed Males

This will probably be a lengthy one. If you need to powder onto your nose or create a cuppa tea, do it. It will likewise be likely challenging read.

I’m causing this to be as I am going along, therefore it might be a little fragmentary. I’m also indicating a viewpoint, as well as an opinion in the point-of-look at a MtF mix-dresser. I’m also looking for generalities meaning I am aware the exceptions to the statement I would make, however i believe individuals exceptions are rare enough that certain can condition some fundamental concepts. For instance, after i make use of the terms ‘male’ or ‘female’ I’m not including persons who’re inter-sexed, roughly about 1% of individuals. Basically start delineating the exceptions and talking about issues from that aspect this will probably be considerably longer.

There’s been a kind of believe that has troubled me. Basically the 2 sides are:

1. Any mix-dresser which has sex having a guy while ‘dressed’ is homosexual and denying it’s just being untruthful.

2. Many mix-night stands are totally heterosexual however when ‘dressed’ fantasize about have sexual intercourse having a guy, and often do something about it.

Essentially the problem is whether or not a guy can have sexual intercourse having a guy and never be homosexual. Some at this time might suggest bisexuality but as i comprehend the connotation I’m unclear regarding the meaning. It appears as though a comparatively uncommon condition has been recommended however i suspect that the far bigger quantity of males are bisexual than is usually thought. If 9% of males are wholly homosexual then possibly 9% of males are wholly heterosexual departing the huge most of males bisexual.

I believe that males, with testosterone-driven libidos, intuitively desire sex of just about all kinds more often than not. The need for the sex industry, number of sexual activities by which males engage, the risks by which they place marriage, jobs, prestige, etc. all advise a tendency for intercourse of enormous intensity. I don’t observe how a guy who enables men dog to enter him thoroughly could be known as homosexual while he may be the ‘bottom’ in male-on-male sex. Forgive the look, but If only to point as to the extremes some males (greater than we suppose) goes. The word, ‘bisexual’, appears to become just a misleading label for your omnivorous (omnisexual?) proclivity.

One (or really many good examples) illustration of the heterosexual character of mix-dressing is always that most MtF mix-night stands don’t present as women but instead because they think women should appear being an object for his or her desires. Particularly you will find the conventional roles: school girl, stewardess, secretary, French maid, ****, etc. and particularly you will find individuals who enjoy ‘sissification’ and BDSM dominatrix-submissive associations. None of those are particularly appealing to me however i don’t have any difficulty them. They’re, however, not so likely good examples of the guy trying to become a lady (as women would certainly discover the roles distasteful unless of course well-compensated to do them) nor particularly highly relevant to male homosexuals. They are facets of mix-dressing which may be created only by very heterosexual males.

Of these two propositions above I’ve several problems with the very first. Yes, some males are extremely completely effeminate they would rather have sexual intercourse just with ‘straight’ males. Generally they’re pre-operative transexuals on HRT and, in my opinion, are basically female in your mind and search otherwise wholly in body. I’m speaking about mix-night stands because distinct to some extent from transexuals. The excellence might not be apparent to any or all, but I have faith that here’ do not need to elaborate. For publish-operative transexuals, Personally i think that even using the terminology is pejorative. They’ve fought against and experienced for the best to become regarded as exclusively and just as female and really should be so regarded as. They live a brand new existence as well as their old existence is hopefully in it except for what they’ve had the opportunity to salvage.

Also, yes, you will find male homosexuals who choose to ‘dress’ and become feminine however that appears to become a relative rarity among male homosexuals. Particularly, you will find many reviews showing that male homosexuals prefer masculine partners and barely are curious about feminine partners. The positioning proclaiming that a mix-dresser has homosexual habits or they could even be effective seeking men homosexual partner appears to possess little foundation according to repeated findings. Male homosexuals, themselves, declare the odds unlikely and i’m inclined to simply accept their statements.

Another, and significant, aspect is the fact that many MtF mix-night stands report, over and over, in overwhelming amounts that they’re wholly heterosexual (i.e., sexually drawn to women) BUT, that whenever ‘dressed’ they have a tendency to fantasize about getting a guy treat them sexually like a receptive partner. Some do something about this fantasy with a few confirming it’s unsatisfactory yet others finding great delight and gratification within the experience. Ultimately, what we should learn about people, their feelings, needs, values, self image, etc. stems from the things they inform us. Our details are always anecdotal. If a person takes the positioning that mix-night stands who fantasize about or really have sexual intercourse with another guy are wholly homosexual, but that they’re in denial, then you definitely must think that they lied. The vehemence of the promise of heterosexuality and the amount of these terms particularly in forums similar to this where one might expect much more honesty which was formerly prevalent indicates that they’re being truthful.

If a person assumes that the MtF mix-dresser who, when ‘dressed’, has sex having a guy is homosexual, then you definitely should also think that men homosexual that has sex having a heterosexual female who’s undressed (it takes place) is privately heterosexual, as well as in denial. Neither conclusion appears to possess any rational basis. True, male-male sex is, obviously, homosexual sex but to visualize that either or each partner are homosexual (wholly drawn to males) doesn’t follow.

Allow me to create a couple of, personal findings. I regard myself as wholly heterosexual. I love women. I am talking about I like women. I have not within my existence found a guy, showing as masculine, sexually attractive. I have faith that after i started mix-dressing like a preteen Used to to produce a feminine object in my masculine attentions. Later the idea of ‘dressing’ to become feminine and (allegedly) attractive found be considered a motive by itself and sufficient by itself. I know, after many years of thinking about the problem, that i’m not homosexual. For bisexual, I’m still not convinced in the event that has any significant meaning for me personally. Essentially, I have faith that anybody who finds love is extremely fortunate regardless of that they’re for each other.

Allow me to also allow it to be obvious which i don’t have any problems with homosexuality. Particularly I see homosexuals like a significant and important segment of society supplying a genuine benefit. I actually do find male homosexual sex a little bit offsetting, and feel no need to be involved. Generally I have faith that sex is a fairly, friendly activity to become distributed to someone you want which there must be much more from it.

However, I’ve found MtF mix-night stands frequently very attractive as feminine sex-objects and when I had the ability, and am fortunate, wouldn’t object, like a male, to being if perhaps you are with lots of (or any) of these. Even individuals males who might not achieve the extent of womanliness that might make sure they are desirable (myself for instance) I might not need to be intimate with, but generally find more enjoyable than their male personas. I fully think that it is because I’m attract to womanliness otherwise always particularly to women. Basically were homosexual I’d be drawn to maleness and never to MtF mix-night stands.

Also, like a mix-dresser, I’ve found myself imaging about making love having a guy, only while ‘dressed’. What’s significant here would be that the appearance from the guy, age or attractiveness aren’t the problem. I don’t find myself drawn to any guy no matter just how-searching they’re stated to become. What’s at problem is that i’m treated professionally, like a feminine person with affection. I wish to have sexual intercourse having a guy not since i am drawn to males but because I wish to be feminine. I wish to be feminine because I’m a heterosexual male who’s intrigued by womanliness and discover it provocative. The guy, so far as I’m concerned, no matter any affection I would sense of him, is essentially a proxy in my male self making love with my feminine self. I’d would like them to deal with me when i would treat myself. That faceless male inside your dreams is most likely you.

The truth is the prospect of my getting the chance to check my dreams is really slim they can be nil. Possibly I’m wrong and when really given the opportunity to test my desires I’d locate them unwarranted. Possibly I’d find sex having a guy under any conditions distasteful. I truly cannot say for several. The thing is when I were homosexual, and also, since The truth is that which i have thought about the potential of sex having a guy, surely I’d realize that I had been homosexual and might have no qualms about acknowledging it.

From my own findings and in the large numbers of anecdotal claims produced by MtF mix-night stands Personally i think that proposition 2 (that certain could be heterosexual but desire sex having a guy when outfitted) holds true. You might be homosexual or bisexual (again, whatever which means) but essentially it is more probably that you’re just your average, testosterone-driven, womanliness-fancying, high-libido, heterosexual male having a penchant for any certain mode of behavior not sporadic with being male.

I additionally suspect (however i am uncertain regarding the versions and permutations here) that males who’re drawn to great-searching (i.e., feminine) MtF mix-night stands aren’t always or likely male homosexuals but simply, again, your usual, over-sexed male.

Sex (the game) is sex and really should be fun. Sex (male-female) does not enter it but gender (feminine-masculine) does. You might prefer is the masculine partner or else you may prefer is the feminine partner. It might vary. Regardless if you are homosexual, heterosexual or whatever isn’t the problem and you’re able to define yourself, ‘t be based on another person. BUT, if you’re a MtF mix-dresser and also you question what it might be like or perhaps check it out (presuming the typical caveats and alerts) and enjoy it, it doesn’t follow that you’re whatever you think you aren’t.

Let’s return a little to bisexuality. Have a look in the article at:

Within the section talking about sex and height appear two overlapping bell curves with one curve representing that distribution of height in males and also the other in females. I believe that, if something as vague for example womanliness-maleness (COGIATI test for instance) might be measure and distribution curves produced for guys as well as for males there will be a similar appearance. Essentially, many people could be both feminine and masculine with more of 1 that another. Women, generally, would tend to be feminine. Some women could be so feminine they can be matched up within their womanliness by very couple of males (who likely could be gender (sex?) dysphoric and also have moved forward and become women anyway) although some males could be so masculine they can be intolerable and unfit for polite company.

Since sexuality is gender (not sex, i.e., female-male) based, I believe that a person’s sexual interests would also generate similar curves. Some could be wholly and unalterably heterosexual plus some could be wholly and unalterably homosexual having a fairly wide spectrum of variation among. Among males, wholly heterosexual males would rather women only. Some rather less definite would still should you prefer a wholly feminine partner, but wouldn’t be adverse to activities with someone transgendered. Some might be democratic within their tastes and like everyone. Some prefer maleness but aren’t too limited. Some might desire merely a masculine partner.

Women, generally, would tend largely to prefer masculine partners developing a curve a little ‘distorted’ to that particular preference. A mans curve would probably be nearer to an ordinary bell curve. The 2 curves would overlap. The overlapping area likely may be bisexuality but, in my experience, its is simply sexuality.

The relaxation of this article may be worth perusing. I especially such as the conclusion regarding finger-length ratios, etc.:

“An Evaluation That Actually Works

“Despite everything I’ve stated, there’s quite a accurate test for transsexualism, according to sex variations. Simply inform your would-be transsexual relating to this sex difference, watching them. If you notice them anxiously calculating their fingers, or wanting they might scan their marbles, they’re most likely transsexual. It’s most likely not too accurate, but it’s much better than we’d do from really checking their marbles or calculating their fingers.”

Among polls which i have noted was one (apparently of mostly mix-night stands therefore the answers are skewed):


Heterosexual 35.08%

Homosexual 2.77%

Bisexual 25.54%

Bi curious 25.23%

Homosexual when outfitted 8.31%

Other 3.08%


Many (35%) just flat-out assert their heterosexuality. About 3% unconditionally condition they’re homosexual. This indicates that wholly male homosexuality is less among mix-night stands that among the higher population (11%.) ‘Homosexual when dressed’ (8%) really puzzles me. Just how can someone be homosexual one moment and never the following? I believe the same ambiguity is applicable to the majority of the remaining 51% (presuming that bisexual and bi-curious are identical factor) which, when i have attempted to elucidate above, males are merely more prepared to experiment sexually than is frequently expected.

As the poll above is poorly set up, I believe that the fact is that about 51% of MtF mix-night stands have thought about the potential of sex having a guy. If true, this edges on normality instead of abnormality. Since there’s enough information to find out that male homosexuals comprise somewhat under 50% from the male population (and, apparently, a level more compact area of the MtF, mix-dresser population) then not every one of that 51% may possibly be homosexual.

Even the proposition that any guy who partcipates in homosexual sex is always homosexual doesn’t follow. I understand the terminology indicates it does, however i am thinking about reality. Thus, for those who have had such ideas it appears that you simply do not need to be worried about being heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. You need to be careful-sexual enjoy yourself.

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