Stuble Cover

Don’t think this subject has been ‘covered’(pun) very well. So I’d like some honest opinions, especially from those of you with darker shadows of growth.

That’s my problem. These light little concealers don’t work when done as directed. And after trying all the ideas I’ve seen and looking okay in a mirror, it’s ruined on a camera with the flash. It really urks me!!!

So again I’m looking into covering the shadow up so even on a camera it don’t show. I don’t want cakey, don’t want to crack my face off and have it fall on the floor when I smile either.

I read some articles yesterday and some are pretty dramatic and obviously not for the girl on the go who likes active lifestyle… I would be spending most of the night touching stuff up!

A couple things I was looking into are here below:
I’m thinking this might be the way to go as it’s a good color to work with, and all I need to do is top it off.…ess_foundation
Another idea closer to what I was using up until the cover dried out.
Basic stuff that I used before but seemed cake-like on application.

But aside from that what have you had the most success with? Ideas, suggestions, experience?

I’m pretty open to any new techniques, I really want to work this out so even if I take a picture the beard is gone

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